The Harris Tweed Story

Harris -Tweed-Close-Up

Find out what makes HARRIS TWEED so special and why we absolutely love creating our furnishings with it.

HARRIS TWEED is the only fabric in the world produced in commercial quantities by traditional methods. It’s also the only fabric in the world governed by its own Act of Parliament. The 1993 Act of Parliament decrees that genuine HARRIS TWEED must be made from pure virgin wool which has been dyed and spun on the islands and handwoven at the home of the weaver in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

The wool is dyed before being spun to enable the weavers to blend a multitude of colours into the yarn. That means that there’s a wide range of traditional designs from Herringbones, Plain Twills and sophisticated Plaids.

A HARRIS TWEED weaver is a true artisan and knows their own looms intimately from its quirks to its characteristic sounds, they ensure that each piece of fabric is made with the love and skill of past generations. It’s not just the weavers that take centre stage when producing this fantastic material though. There’s the skill of the millworkers spinning the yarns to the talents of the wool dyers and blenders to the finishers and stampers all ensuring that HARRIS TWEED is made to the highest traditional quality.

Every product that’s made using HARRIS TWEED will include the Genuine “ORB” mark in the form of an approved stamp or label attached to prove that authentication of the cloth being used. If it doesn’t include this mark it isn’t the genuine article.

Check out the HARRIS TWEED AUTHORITY’S website for more information, to view the full process and see more of what makes this material so special:

Alternatively have a look at the excellent video by them below: